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North Lost Lake Trail

October 21, 2008

The North Lost Lake Trail is a lengthy but gentle hike of about 10 miles round trip.  The trail is one of many that intersects with the Hemlock Trailhead, which can be accessed from either Chuckanut Drive or Old Samish Way.

The trail initially follows an old logging road.  It is wide enough for groups or couples if you like to walk side by side.  Do expect a moderate workout for the first 3 miles or so before the trail levels off for the last 1.5 miles as you approach the lake.

I love hiking this trail because it is not popular, I hiked to Lost Lake on the 12th of October, and after leaving the Hemlock Trail I saw only two other hikers.  The trail also provides some notable sights.  Two of my favorites are the swamp at the junction with the Chuckanut Ridge Trail (a swamp worth pausing to admire), and the rock walls which flank the right side of the trail as you near the lake.

Lost Lake

Lost Lake

Lost Lake itself is somewhat boggy and may be difficult to circumnavigate, but as you can see by the photo, you will not be disappointed by its lonely and timeless apparition.

Trail Ratings:

Signage: Excellent!  The lake is lost but you are not!

Views: Average.  Mostly forest (until you reach the lake).

Dogs OK: YES

Kids OK: YES

The Swamp

The Swamp

Click here to access a printable map of the Chuckanut Ridge Trail System.